Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fruits and Veggies in SCD's Early Stages

It can seem counter-intuitive to be eating fruit on a yeast-free diet, but SCD is pretty amazing in that the cooked fruit and veggies early in the diet are quickly digested and do not seem to feed bad gut bugs.

So far, we are having luck with very diluted (65% water) grape juice, apple cider and jello. I use grape juice for the jello and both the kids like it. It was a lifesaver on the intro diet. The kids also drink plain water, but Mr. C really feels the juice is a treat. The trick is to make sure that he does not see me diluting it. Once the jar is less than half full, I fill it with water and it makes life much easier.

Mr. C also loves bananas, so having one of those in his lunchbox is a huge treat - I am vigilant about making sure they are super-ripe. The less ripe ones are more starchy and can feed yeast.

Early in the diet, I was worried about getting enough veggies in. Even though we all like applesauce, when other veggies are pureed to that consistency, the kids don't like it. They also did not like the soup. Even though it was disappointing, we just moved on and will try again. One great trick has been taking cooked, peeled, seeded zucchini and adding it into the apple or pear sauce. I tried it with squash too, but that did not go over as well. Back to the drawing board. Well cooked green beans are also good, as are sticks of butternut squash cooked into oven fries. Those are a huge hit! The scdgirl's carrot pancakes are also winners, but I need to figure out an egg-free version.

I am making egg-free squash brownie cupcakes this afternoon - I will post photos and the recipe later...


The SCD girl said...

I added you to my link list, lady friend. :) I love the photo of the pecan butter brownies! I should try to make some pecan butter. I hear it is easy so perhaps my blender could do it. Or my coffee grinder. Hmm. If I were to get some pecans...OOH Costco probably has them in a bag unsalted. I got almonds there that way. :)

I bow to your superior photo-ing of your posts! :D

Susan :)

Emily said...

Hey Susan!
I am so glad you like my blog - yours is unbelievably great! I am helping the pacanbread folks with the recipe section of the website and feel like I should just have a giant message to go see your blog! :-)

The pecans are much softer than almonds, so the blender might do them. The coffee grinder would definitely work. Just be sure to toast the pecans first. I forgot one time and they were not as good.
I have a mini cuisinart that has been a godsend on this diet. I bet a stick blender would be good for pecan butter too. I know you're i the market for one...I think I got mine at Costco for $12. It has a whisk attachment too, which is nice for egg whites... Oh, and I found Volpi proscuitto at Trader Joe's for under $4. It seems like a lot for only a few ounces, but it goes a LONG way.

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