Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Keeping on Track

I haven't been blogging in a while...Mr. C got sick and hit a two month regression that was so bad that I had a huge crisis of faith. I have now pulled bananas and honey and things are getting better. I have also pulled eggs, which are one of his IgG foods. He is only a one + for them, so hopefully we can add them back in a few months. He is also a one + for avocadoes, but I am still letting him have one or two a week. (He will eat a whole one in a sitting.)

This means that my scd lunchbox looks different these days. Letting go of the bananas almost broke my heart. Seriously.

Today, I sent meatballs, applesauce (his only remaining fruit), and a muffin made of squash, pureed green beans, almond butter and vanilla. It is more of a bread-like muffin than a cupcake, since there is no honey in it. He likes them though, so I am grateful. Pecan butter muffins made of squash are also a lifesaver. I added too many veggies and the last batch ended up like goop, but I will remedy that next time...

Things are getting back on track and I am so relieved. Part of my crisis involved me loosening up on a few things, like adding cooked broccoli to his diet, but it has not affected him poorly, so we will keep it in. We are also CRAZY for zucchini noodles - I am making them twice a week. I will post a photo next time... They rock.

On another note, when I was going through my crisis, I spoke to a mom from Washington who works for ARI and has a recovered son...they have been SCD for 3 years. This was a huge boost. I will stay the course.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

SCD Lunchbox

Every day, I pack a lunch for Mr. C to take to preschool. Here's what I usually send:

1. A BPA-free straw bottle with legal diluted juice
2. A spotty, ripe banana
3. Hamburger patty or meatballs (these vary between beef, chicken, turkey)
4. Almond butter muffin/squash muffin/egg bread
5. Cup of applesauce or homemade jello

Today is valentines, so I sent some little nut butter cookies too. They were an experiment, but the kids like them.

I was going to take a photo, but I use waxed paper bags, so it is hard to tell what it all looks like anyway...