Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mr. C's SCD Birthday Cupcakes and more

Here's a photo of Mr. C enjoying his SCD cupcakes. This was the almond brownie recipe from Pecanbread made into cupcakes and then the "buttercream" frosting.

I have also been having luck with Pecan brownies...my non SCD husband loved them! I just took the Pecanbread recipe and replaced the peanut butter with pecan butter that I made by putting roasted pecans into my food processor. We are early into the diet, so I don't plan on doing peanut butter anytime soon. We started with pecans because they are the easiest to digest...I think the kids would prefer almond butter though.

Here they are as brownies:

Here they are as muffins/cupcakes:

Here is my first photo of chicken en papillote. Those are just carrots, salt and shallots on top of the chicken...if they are too advanced, just take them off after cooking...

Here they are going into the oven:

I forgot to take a photo at the end...that will come later...

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